the Ragnini House

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The Ragnini House

RAGNINI MARBRES is a family business that has been trading for 2 generations and offers a wide range of fine materials and textures that will give your projects just the right identity and aesthetic.  

You can see for yourself the precision of our workmanship in all the items in our 600m² showroom.  There you can choose your products, discover our wide range of marble, stone, granite, ceramics, mosaics and travertine…all materials and possibilities that give free reign to your creativity.

Our mission begins with the sourcing of stone that is a perfect blend of natural beauty, quality and uniqueness. We are constantly unearthing new materials in order to remain constantly up to date with changing tastes.

From a simple idea to its realisation, our teams of designers, makers and building professionals are with you every step of the way.

They are on-hand to give you guidance and advice from the project phase right through to completion. We are involved from projects feasibility study stage. We then provide an estimate based on carefully selected samples. Our expert artisans use their exceptional skill to turn raw materials into ambitious projects with the most intricate workmanship and finish.